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Introducing our new brand... Made Green

This unique collection is a combination of furniture, photo frames, vases and plant pots produced by a few small manufacturers who have been selected according to their ‘green’ credentials. Made Green is a collection that can be purchased with a clear conscience. A beautiful, ecological, sustainable collection that combines contemporary design with handmade products, products that have a positive effect on the countries that produce them. We hope you enjoy living with Made Green.

Paper PotsPaper Pots

Artisan-made plant pots and vases have been developed using a hybrid material formed mainly from re-used paper, recycled aluminium or plastic drinks bottles and some are finished with wood off-cuts from the local furniture industry. 

The pots are waterproofed with natural latex, without the use of any chemicals, making them practical pieces of design. The vessels look as though they could be ceramic but are actually very light and shatterproof. 

Bamboo furniture

Made Green furniture is made from unstained, untreated bamboo, known to be one of the most sustainable resources on the planet as it grows and regenerates incredibly quickly. Each pole grows to its full size in just 3 to 5 years without the use of fertilisers or pesticides.

Choose from a magnificent day bed with cream padded cushions, benches, tables and a directors chair.


Four handmade notebooks with covers that are created out of scrap cotton from the garment industry, recycled into paper and made to look like leather.

Choose from various styles, multiple sizes, lined and non lined paper pages... all in fantastic organic Made Green colours. Many also come with excellent counter top display packaging.


FramesCotton frames

A range of photograph frames have been created to look like textured leather but is in fact constructed from salvaged scraps of cotton which is then formed into paper.

Go on, Go Green.

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